The major shareholder in MinTrans is also the majority shareholder of a company in Zimbabwe that currently hauls in excess of 170 million tonne kilometres of minerals each year for Makwiro Platinum Mines, a subsidiary of Impala Platinum Holding Ltd. With a fleet of 10 tri-drive Mack 600 hp trucks and over 30 trailers, this Zimbabwean operation is the largest single road train operation in southern Africa.

Ten Mack 600 bhp trucks are used on the Zimbabwean contract.

Custom design of trailers is undertaken for each specific contract in an effort to transport maximum tonnage each trip thereby reducing costs and improving safety through the reduction in traffic. All types of products can be handled from ultra dry fine materials that can be transported by pneumatic discharge tankers through to the hardest rock. With a legal standard axle loading of 8 tonnes, MinTrans transports between 100 and 120 tonnes of minerals with each trip. These payloads can be increased significantly on private haul roads where legal axle loadings can be exceeded through the use of further specialised equipment.

A gross payload of 152 tonnes is distributed over 74 wheels.

Satellite tracking of all trucks allows real time monitoring of truck positioning and performance to occur. An automatic download of major consumable and maintenance statistics occurs at the end of each shift to ensure driver compliance and allow effective management of preventative maintenance. All truck engines are speed limited to a maximum of 80km/h to provide a safe and reliable service.

The efficiencies of road train haulage can be realised in hauls from as low as 3km up to hauls of 100 km or more. Best results are achieved in hauls of 10km or more, one way.